Uniform Requirements for all Sections

  • To all parents below you will find the standard uniform requirements for each section (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts).
  • Please be aware that prices may vary on items.
  • All uniforms and other items are available from Teenywear School Outfitters in Harrow Weald.
  • Brown Leather Boots - Go Outdoors.
  • Some items of clothing/footwear are essential for certain activities, (Health & Safety), such as boots and waterproofs. 
  • Hiking and Camping Gear (Rucksacks, sleeping bags, etc) information will follow shortly.
  • If you are unsure on anything please contact us.

Beaver Uniform 6 - 8yrs

Beaver uniform comprises of the following:


  • Beaver baseball Cap - £5
  • Beaver Polo Shirt - £10
  • Beaver Jumper - £11 (Badges awarded to beavers get sewn on this top).
  • Scout Shorts - £15
  • Beaver Belt - £2.50
  • Black Socks with Black trainers/shoes are to be worn.


Additional Items:


  • Beaver Log Book - £3 (This is for each individual beaver to keep track and learn different badges).
  • Beaver Scout Tote Bag - £3.50 (To carry item on days out and meetings).
  • Waterproof Jacket.



Cub Uniform 8 - 10.5

Cub Uniform comprises of the following:


Cub Polo Shirt

Cub Sweatshirt (Badges earned get sewn onto this item).

Scout Activity Trousers or Dark Blue/Black Trousers (Not Jeans)

Scout Belt (Leather)

Black Shoes/Trainers


Additional Items:

Spare pair of shoes

Waterproof Jacket

Hat (Cub Baseball Caps are suitable for most occasions)


Scout Uniform 10.5 - 14

Scout Uniform comprises of the following:


  • No Headwear
  • Scout Shirt - £17
  • Scout Belt - £15 (Leather Belt).
  • Scout Long Trousers - £16
  • Black socks
  • Brown Leather boots/Black leather shoes. (Must be able to polish).
  • Waterproof Jacket.


Additional items:


  • Scout Memebership Pack - £5
  • Scout 25 Ltr Day sack - £25 (For events and carrying bits to meetings).

Explorer's and Young Leader's Uniform 14 -18

Explorer and Young Leader Uniform comprises of the following:


  • No Headwear.
  • Explorer Shirt Long Sleeve.
  • Scout Belt (Leather).
  • Scout Trousers.
  • Black Socks.
  • Black Shoes or Brown Leather Boots.


Additional Items:


  • Scout Explorer Membership Pack - £5.
  • Waterproof Jacket.

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